Name Spot of the Week: Cricket and Athletics

I spent more time than perhaps I’d like to admit watching the Tesh match between England and Sri Lanka this week, alongside the European Team Championships that were happening in Stockholm of all places. Either way, it made for some great name spotting:

















Do they only let interestingly named triple jumpers compete for Team GB? Phillips, Kola and Nathan. Well, maybe not Nathan, but the other two have decidedly out-of-the-ordinary names.

Elsewhere in my life this week we’ve been talking Svante Arrhenius in my chemisty class, and both of my teachers have decidedly different ways of approaching the pronunciation, one says svan-tay, the other other, see-vahn-tee-ay. Either way, it’s an interesting name.

I was flicking through the channels last night –  or was it the night before? – when I happened upon Popstar to Operastar, I’m always wondering as to where Myleene’s name comes from, and one day I’m sure I’ll ask my pal Google.

My youngest sister is a right horror, but I feel for her childminder, she has to cope with upwards of 15 of them packed into one small room. Whilst picking Dopey up from childminders today, I was there in time to witness a harassed looking father picking up his two bundles of joy: Adam and Abigail. I’m not sure what to think, except that it must be pretty easy to mix up their two names.

My last name spot this week was in the form of an online newspaper, which talked about a rather delightfully named trio of sisters: Bronte, Merrily and Bridie.

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One thought on “Name Spot of the Week: Cricket and Athletics

  1. Cute sisterly sibset!

    Last school holidays I saw a super-harassed dad with 8 children under the age of 10! He was pretty much just letting them use the supermarket as their personal playground. I did ask all their names, but they were so generic I forgot them all except Taylor (girl). I remembered her because she was the worst behaved.


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