Weekend Post: 10 Alternatives to Sophie

Dopey, being, well, dopey

Yes, it’s time for another list, this time looking at UK Top 10 material Sophie, which is also the name of sibling #3, normally known as Dopey. Normally speaking, when I write these lists, I make a concious effort to keep other popular names off the list, but tossed that rule aside, although names more popular such as Lily still don’t get a place. The names on this list are chosen for their similar sound, feel and compatibility. Thus, many names on this list may be considered nicknames.

In the UK, Sophie is more popular than Sophia, but this trend is in reverse in the US.

1. Sylvie

She has the same sweet sound, and is also the french form of a -ia name. The last time I went to France I met two, perhaps the only two Sylvies I’ve ever met, and they were both lovely, if a little eccentric.

From the latin word silva, meaning wood/forest.

2. Hattie

The short form of either Harriet or Henrietta, I think this name has real potential, especially since Harry is Top 5 for the boys. There was a girl in my class last year named Hattie, who’s well into her late teens, so Hattie does indeed work for little and elder ones. She gains the rank of #2 for her relations with already popular names Harry and Harriet, and for her British/fun vibe.

3. Susie/Sosie

I love the name Susie as she sounds, Susie Carmichael was my favourite Rugrats character growing up and comedian Alan Davies (TV’s Jonathan Creek) has a little Susie, and I really think, again, she can work on her own. And I’ve seen the name Sosie pop up a few times elsewhere, in case you know a rather nasty Susan, but really like Susie.

Susan likely means lily, and Sosie actually comes from Susan as well, she’s just a variant of Susie.

4. Sunny

I love the name Sunny, I can’t get enough of it. But she is still considered rather nickname-y, although you can’t get much more playful in terms of sound than Sunny. I can’t help but smile when I say the name.

5. Saskia 

I see Sophie as a cute, if somewhat spunky girls name, exactly the same as Saskia. But unlike Sophie, her name doesn’t mean wisdom, it means the rather less cheerful knife, coming from the Germanic word sahs.

6. Marie

A middle name staple, that I think still could work well up front. She comes from Mary, whose meaning is disputed. I always think of the little cat in Disney’s Aristocats when I hear this name.

7. Sadie

One of the less popular names on this list, Sadie has tons of personality in my opinion, plus she means princess, and what kind of little girl doesn’t want ot be one of those?

8. Cecily

I couldn’t decide whether to add this name on this list, is she the right kind of style? Either way, I opted to put her on because I feel that Cecily is a lovely, stylish kind of name that will work for young ‘uns, even if she is the eclectic choice on this list. She means blind, coming from Cecilia.

9. Poppy

After a long list of ‘S’ names, here’s one that isn’t but has the same sort of style, quintessentially British in terms of where it’s popularity stakes are highest, much like Sophie, plus it has the same sort of fun vibe.

10. Ophélie (Ophelia)

Both Ophélie and Sophie share three consecutive letters: oph. Personally, this is one of my favourite names on the list, but I concede she’s not exactly the same style as the others, which knocks her down to #10. She means help.

I had so many ideas for names for this post, I had to write them all down, so here are some other options that didn’t quite make the cut, either for being too nicknamey, not the same style or something else, but they could still work for you, depending on what you’re looking for:

Stacy–Steffi–Shiloh–Amelie–Coralie–Eloise–Betty–Lottie–Annie–Minnie–Wendy–Molly–Phoebe–Thisbe–Sasha–Mathilde–Suvi–Sanne–Eulalie–Emmeline–Rhapsody–Ottilie–Maisie–Sarah Jane–Romilly

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2 thoughts on “Weekend Post: 10 Alternatives to Sophie

  1. Funnily enough, I just posted a blog where I suggested Elsie instead of Sophie!

    I like Sylvie; it was the name of my French teacher, and she was also sweet but slightly eccentric.

    Saskia is gorgeous, and I think far more exotic and sophisticated than Sophie.

    Of course, Sophie is a fine name in itself.


  2. PoppySeeds

    I would love to meet a little Marie, and I also know a Hattie in her teens, she can get incredibly competitive if you play netball with her.

    Personally, I think Lucy is another option, but I guess you didn’t want to shout about your own name too much, eh?


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