Sibset of the Week: The Cowells

From the book illustrations.

This week’s post features a Simon Cowell that isn’t TV’s Mr. Nasty, but one married to my all-time favourite author: Cressida

My favourite character from the book series. Replaced by Astrid in the film.

Cowell. She’s the author of my favourite series of books, featuring the viking anti-hero: Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III. You may have seen the film, How to Train Your Dragon, based on the first book in the series. I’ve only just seen it, by accident, because I’d heard it follows a different plot to the book, and so didn’t want to ruin the book for me. I was wrong, I LOVED the film, it was really in keeping with the spirit of the book. Although I missed Toothless’ cheekiness.

Onto the names of Cressida Cowell’s children with Simon:

The original Toothless.




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5 thoughts on “Sibset of the Week: The Cowells

  1. Oh I love those books/film also! And *cough cough* I know some children who do also …

    Adorable names for the Cowell kids – Maisie and Clementine are two of my favourites; in fact Maisie is on my list.

    However, the name I really love is Cressida’s own; the sound and the meaning are just perfect I think.


    • I’m still working up the courage to consider Cressida, she’s delightful, and in keeping with my current love of nature-themed names.


  2. Bourneville

    I want to name my next cat after Hiccup, I love the word, and the books are pretty epic, I need to find me a young child to buy the books for, so they can go ‘missing’ 😉

    As for the names, Clementine and Maisie make such a darling sibset! Plus Cressida is too beautiful, love.


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