European City Names: Sofia, Sterling et al

A drawing of London, by my youngest sister. A keen eye to detail, the Queen is included.

Since my post about Chicago and Swansea, two cities on opposites side of the pond, I’ve been windering about the potential of other city names, specifically ones that are not already widely used, such as London, or the rising Brighton.

Andorra – Andorra

Cardiff – Wales

Carlisle – England

Chester – England

Chinon – France (Shee-non)

Derby – England (DAR-bee)

Dresden – Germany

Ely – England

Épernay – France

Eura – Finland

Fredericia – Denmark

Jena – Germany

Karis – Finland

Karleby – Finland

Lachen – Switzerland

Lille – France

Lisbon – Portugal

Malmo – Sweden

Mikkeli – Finland

Milan – Italy

Odessa – Ukraine

Oslo – Norway

Penza – Russia

Rauma – Finland

Riga – Latvia

Roma – Italy

Roman – Romania

Roskilde – Denmark

Rostock – Germany

Rouen – France

Salonika – Greece

Samara – Russia

Sofia – Bulgaria

Sterling – Scotland

Terrassa – Spain

Tula – Russia

Valencia – Italy

Vigo – Spain

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2 thoughts on “European City Names: Sofia, Sterling et al

  1. SarahinJune

    Loving Andorra, Oslo and Vigo.


  2. Hey your sister’s drawing is really good!

    Most of these are totally usable, and I even know a few people with these names (eg Stirling, Samara, Valencia, Odessa). I like Karis from Finland.

    Derby, aww, Derby and Joan!!!


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