Celtic Tree Months

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Many parents like to use names that in some way relate to the time of their child’s birth. Whether it’s using Noel for a Christmas baby, or Summer for a July baby, it’s not a practice I’m against. Infact, I rather like it. But sometimes Summer, or June, just won’t feel right, so what then? Fear not, perhaps consider using the name of the current Celtic tree month instead? This could work for anyone with Scottish or Irish roots, or equally well for others:

Birch – 24th December to 20th January

Rowan – 21st January to 17th February

Ash – 18th February to 17th March

Alder – 18th March to 14th April

Willow – 15th April to 12th May

Hawthorn – 13th May to 9th June

Oak – 10th June to 7th July

Holly – 8th July to 4th August

Hazel – 5th August to 1st September

Vine – 2nd September to 29th September

Ivy – 30th September to 27th October

Reed – 28th October to 24th November

Elder – 25th November to 23rd December

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5 thoughts on “Celtic Tree Months

  1. Hey great idea! My new name is Rown. 🙂


  2. I mean Rowan.


  3. Ena

    I’d be called Reed, which I like spelt as Reid. Great idea.


  4. Shilo

    I’m not sure Elder would suit me 🙂


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