Top 10 Izzy Names that aren’t Isabella

A Clematis flower, from wikipedia

It was after I finished writing the Top 10 Bella Names that aren’t Isabella when it struck me that not all Isabella’s answer to Bella, some are referred to as Izzy, so consider this post a natural progression from that.


– Means gift of Isis, who was the mythological goddess of fertility and birth.


– The name of a flower.


– A Slavonic name meaning spark.


– The French version of Isabel, meaning pledged to God.


– A variation of Adelaide, meaning noble.


– Greek goddess of the moon.


– One of the three graces of womanly charm, according to Greek legend, this one representing charity.


– A variant of Beatrix, meaning voyager.


– Another flower name, but also the Greek for rainbow.


– The name of a beautiful, yet tragic lover in Greek mythology, her story inspired the well known Shakespeare play: Romeo and Juliet.

I really wanted to put Isla on the list, but alas, she sits at #297 in 2010, which disqualifies her for the list. I also considered putting Alice on the list, but again, she’s in the Top 1000.

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4 thoughts on “Top 10 Izzy Names that aren’t Isabella

  1. Some really lovely names here! I love Clematis, Charis, Iris and Thisbe, and Adelais, Isabeau and Isadora are nice too.


  2. Lisa

    This list is yummy! The only name I’d hesitate at using is Iskra, but I love her meaning. Thisbe is a little stroke of genius, I love it, such a fun sound!


  3. Lotso

    Izzy as a nickname for Alice is inspired, if rather unnecessary. I love Adelais in replace of Adelaide, it has a much better sound to it.


  4. Love seeing Adelais, what a lovely name! Isidora is nice. I’ve never seen Iskra. I love it. What about Ines? I like Nessie for Ines, but Izzy would also work. And Ilse? Would it work?


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