Top 10 Bella Names that aren’t Isabella

Bella from Twilight, often cited as the source behind the Bella resurgence, from

We all know now that Isabella is in her second year at the top of the US Top 1000, and that means more and more Bella’s are joining the population each week, since Bella is a popular nickname for Isabella. But what if you want a Bella, but not one with a top 1000 full name? Help is on hand, with this list of potential names:

1. Mabella/ MabelAmabella/Amabel

– Mabel is a diminuative of Amabel, meaning lovable.

2. Adabella/ Adabel

– Elaborations of Ada, which means noble/nobility.

3. Cybele

– The name of the Greek goddess of fertility, health and nature.

4. Mirabella/ Mirabel

– Derived from Latin mirabilis, meaning wonderful.

5. Bellatrix

– Latin for female warrior, and if you’re willing to step past the Harry Potter connection, she’s a quirky alternative to Beatrix.

6. Lobelia

– From the name of the flower, named for Matthias de Lobel

7. Cymbeline

– Used by Shakespeare in his play, Cymbeline, perhaps a variation of Cunobelinus, meaning sun lord or hound.

8. Corabella/ Corabel

– Elaborations of Cora, meaning maiden.

9. Mehetabel

– Hebrew name meaning he who rejoices.

10. Clarabella/ Clarabel

– Elaborations of Claire, which means clear, pure.

If popularity doesn’t mean anything to you, there are two other names you could consider, given with their 2010 rankings:

Arabella – #386

– Latin for beautiful altar.

Campbell – #758

– From the Scottish surname, meaning crooked mouth.

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4 thoughts on “Top 10 Bella Names that aren’t Isabella

  1. Some great ideas on how to get yourself a Bella! Amabel and Arabella are lovely, and Mirabella just got snapped up by Bryan Adams.

    I know I’m going to out myself as a Tolkien nerd, but Lobelia only reminds me of the rather nasty relative of Bilbo Baggins (I guess her name partly chosen because lobelias as poisonous).


  2. Enna

    Campbell is more popular for girls than Mabel? That worries me, somewhat. I really love the suggestion of Cybele, she’s darling. And then we have Arabella, who’s been growing on me more and more.


  3. Ashley

    My favourite Bella is Rosabella. 🙂


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