Sibset of the Week: The Hales

Calamity Jack, written together by this weeks parents, from

This week’s sibset is from authors, Shannon and Dean Hale, and unlike last week’s sibset, this one doesn’t originate in South England. These come from Salt Lake City, Utah. Miles apart, but I think they could be cousins:


Magnolia Jane



My heart can hardly control itself, Magnolia Jane?! Love. Love. Love. Wren and Dinah are twins.

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6 thoughts on “Sibset of the Week: The Hales

  1. Dinah

    Finally, my name sees the light of day!


  2. Alora

    Magnolia Jane deserves a gold star, abolutely stunning. It’s also nice to see Wren as a first name for once, I’m always seeing her tucked away in the middle.


  3. Bigos

    The sibset does seem a bit odd, since the first two children’s names start with the same two letters. I almost feel sorry for Max, having such a popular name compared to his sisters.

    On the flipside, Mrs Hale names her characters wonderful names, usually, she used Miri long before THAT film.


  4. Estrix

    Wren is a great, no-nonense kind og name, I like it. But Dinah!? Not my style, at all. She doesn’t Hazel would’ve been better.


  5. Talea

    What a cute sibset! I especially adore Wren. Short, but unexpectably pretty.


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