Oheedoh&London Telegraph Names

I’ve never really looked at Oheedoh, but I’ve heard rumours about it being a treasure trove of baby names, so I thought I’d take a look, and here is the resulting list of names:



Frances May

Gia (sister of Luca)

Julianne Jade

Lainey (sister of Nella)


Lioba (sister of Elias)

Maeve Rosalind

Magnolia Kate


Nella (sister of Lainey)

Penelope Pearl

Poesy Wren


Tuli (sister of Elijah)


Augustine (brother of Jeremiah and Samuel)

Campbell (brother of Cooper)

Cooper (brother of Campbell)

Elias (brother of Lioba)

Elijah (brother of Tuli)




Jeremiah (brother of Samuel and Augustine)

Luca (brother of Milo and Roman)

Luca (brother of Gia)

Milo (brother of Luca and Roman)



Roman (brother of Luca and Milo)

Samuel (brother of Jeremiah and Augustine)



And now onto more familiar ground, by looking at some of the latest batch of names present in the Birth Announcements section of the London Telegraph, but let’s be specific by looking at some of the sibsets:

Agnes Bo and Noel Bertie

Allegra Cosima Ortigia Saffron and Tatiana Xanthe Perugia Lettice

Alyx Robien and Eva Ann

Amelia Florence, Cecily Grace, Ottilie, Rose and Verena Edith

Amélie, Angelique Eugenie Honey and Evie Anya Mollie

Angelina, Charlie, Christopher, Clementine, Cordelia, Decima Katherine, Delphine Octavia, Florentina Emily, Gabriella, Georgina, Montgomery and Seraphina

Annabel Olivia and Lila Rose Valentina

Annelies, Henrietta Philippa Rose and Martha Louise Mary

Araminta, Mackenzie, Savannah Charlotte, Tallesina Beatrice and Zeraphina Hannah

Araminta and Rose Hamilton

Artemis Rose and Eugenie Anne

Arthur, Hector George Jocelyn Savile and Jemima

Arthur William Michael and Ralph Thomas Francis

Athena Iris Julia and William Ernest Robert

Beatrice Juniper Anne, Lettice Mimi Hespa and Otto Herbert Hunter

Ben Rufus Charles Francis and Harry Rupert James Francis

Caspar Jack and Poppy Vivien

Catarina, Diana, Elsa, Lucas and Maja

Charlotte Maeve and Esme Rhiannon

Clementine Amelia Barrett, Edward John Blenkarre, Henrietta Alice Hope, Ophelia Eleanor Grace and Theodora Mary Elizabeth 

Clementine Irene, Florence Perdita and Rose Hermione

Clio Lowdon and Owen Alexander Lowdon

Constance Plum, Florence Ruby, Frederick Valentine and George

Dougal Henry George, Flora Charlotte Ann, Hector Peter Charles and Rupert 

Edith, Lettice and Ottilie Ruby

Eleanor Grace Doris and Jack Richard

Ella Lucy, Henry George, Hermione Mary and Persephone Elizabeth

Fenella Hebe, Hamish Edwin and Rosabel Phoebe

Finty, Hebe and Ottilie

Florence, Mimosa Araminta Agnes, Poppy, Posy, Theo Francis Augustus and William

Fredrik Leopold and Oskar Horatio

George John Vessey, Imogen and Wilfred Kyffin Vessey

Gretel Isla Alice, Flynn Barnaby Oliver and Wilbur Willis Benjamin

Harry Zander and Mili Alice

Hattie Josephine and Hebe Johanna

Hector Foxx and Henrietta Verity

Henry Alexander Matthew and Kitty Florence Bayley

Hermione Dorothy Ann and Matilda Sarah Jennifer

Humphrey Richard Alexander, Mary Agnes Elizabeth, Patrick Robert John and Wilfrid Stewart Penrose

Isobel, Lousia Janet McNeill and Mairi Catriona McNeill

Lauren Alexandra India, Ottilie Bluebell Molly and Plum Maisie Marion

Lysander Charlie Kemp, Ottilie and Rafferty Christopher Kemp

Martha Betsy Mary and Ottilie

Martha Jennifer Hannah and Samuel William Barnard

Mia Natasha Payton and Phineas Pope

Philippa Flora Elizabeth and Wilfred Walter Robert

Rudy Thomas and Otis Howard

Serena Elise and Seth Daniel

Tallulah Dulcie and Willoughby David Thomas

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4 thoughts on “Oheedoh&London Telegraph Names

  1. Sassika

    Some really great sibsets here!

    Although the Mia/ Phineas one raises my eyebrows, Mia feels very understated next to brash Phineas.


  2. Cole

    Finty, Hebe and Ottilie makes me smile.


  3. Jess

    What is Oheedoh? If it is a web site, why not add the links when posting about them?


    • Because I’m a fool and forgot 🙂 Apologies, thank you for alerting me to the problem, I’ve updated the post with appropriate links.

      Oheedoh is a style website, specifically focused on stylish things for kids. They have a whole section devoted to room tours of children with notably stylish rooms.


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