More M Names – Medhi, Merope, Mehis and Meile


I’ve got a crush on Mehdi at the moment, he’s got the simple charm to him, like Jack and Harry, but unlike them, he’s not a nickname, and his origin are further east – Arabic to be exact. He means guided one.

And he has much popularity in that part of the world, in 2005, he was the most popular male name in Tunisia and the 5th most popular male name in Iran in 2007.

According to Shia and Sunni Islamic eschatology, the Mahdi is the prophesied redeemer of Islam who will stay on earth till Judgement Day. Along with Jesus, he will rid the world of the wicked and unjust.

Merope (MARE-uh-pee)

This name will be familiar with some of you, especially those of you who are Harry Potter fans, since Merope is the name of Voldemort’s mother. Personally, I can’t help but view her as an alternative to Penelope, especially when I learnt her correct pronunciation, since I originally believed it to be MARE-ope.

She comes from Greek mythology, as she was one of the Heliade nymphs, who were the daughters of the sun-God, Helios. According to legend, when their brother Phaethon was run over by Zeus’ sun chariot, the nymphs surrounded their brother’s body in their grief, and were then transformed into popular trees, and their tears to amber as a result of said grief.

Merope means face-turned.

-Mehis (MEH-hees)

Our second male name is from Eastern Europe, specifically Estonian, and it means manly, coming from the word mehisus. As for me, I’m more of a Mehdi girl than a Mehis one, since unless you’re into matchy names, Mehdi and Mehis are too close for brothers. Like Mehdi, I think Mehis has the simple charm to him as well, a category I think every name in the post possesses.

Its designated name-day is February 9th.

-Meile (MAY-ley)

And now onto the last name of this post. Most people are now familiar with Maile, most using her as a Miley alternative, since their pronunciations are pretty much similar. Most people will not be familiar with Meile, however, which unlike Hawaiian Maile, is Lithuanian, and means love.

This name should have a dot over the last letter, but my keyboard isn’t Lithuanian, like most accents, it is usually used, but, going by the MSN writings of my french friends, accents (well, at least French ones) needn’t exist for the message to be clear, the classic case in French, however, is in the words for where and or, whereby the letters are the same, but where has a grace accent on the u (or=ou).

She’s reasonably well-known in Lithuania, thanks to the political activist Meilė Lukšienė, who sadly passed from this world in 2009.

Another form is Meilutė, and this names name-day is the 1st May.

The designated name-day is May 1.

– As an aside, I would like to dedicate this post to Elisabeth Sladen, taken before her time, I’m currently drafting a post specifically in her name, until then, rest in peace Sarah Jane Smith.

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2 thoughts on “More M Names – Medhi, Merope, Mehis and Meile

  1. Imogen

    I’m a secret lover of Mehdi as well, he’s great.


  2. Cole

    I’ve been pronouncing Merope wrong as well, and I guess that’s a good thing, otherwise she rhymes with grope.

    Meile is actually really sweet, if slightly cutesy.


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