Weekend Post: 10 Best -O Names that aren’t really -O Names

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I love writing lists, and namers nowdays love the -o names, such as Ivo and Cosmo etc. etc. But do we love the letter or the sound? It’s time for a list, ten -o names, that aren’t really -o names:

1. Isabeau.

Isabella’s unknown sister, who has historical use as the name of a Queen consort of French King Charles VI (Isabeau de Bavière), amongst other things. Beau is the masculine form of beautiful in the French language, and I remember meeting the sister of a male Isabeau in my travels.

2. Margot/Margaux.

The name of the fussy busybody in The Good Life, the sitcom is now old enough to not pose teasing issues in the payground. The french spelling gives a certain sophisticated edge, if that’s what you’re looking for, and I’m sure there are still some people who would sound the t of Margot, either way, I’ve always prefered Margot to Margaret, the latter of which means pearl, the former a shorter version of the latter.

3. Roscoe.

I love this name, but he’s yet to make it as a big-shot first name like Jackson et al. Of Old Norse and Old Germanic origins, he means deer wood. There’s a place called Roscoe up in Northern England. The best known Roscoe that comes to mind is the tennis player, Roscoe Tanner.

4. Winslow.

Apparently, it”s mostly used for girls, but I can’t shake this name of my mind as a male one. Of Old English origins, the name means friend’s hill, and there’s also the painter, Winslow Homer.

5. Monroe/Munroe.

Personally, I prefer the Munro spelling, but then it wouldn’t qualify for this list. The surname of Miss Marilyn Monroe, it derives from Gaelic, and means the mouth of the Roe (a river).

6. Crow.

I hesitated over putting this name on the list, eventually it made it here because hey, it’s a free world. This has been on my guilty pleasures list for a couple of years, and it’s unlikely to ever actually make it onto a birth certificate, but it is a nice nature name option, if you’re bored of Lily et al.

7. Rue.

The French word for road, although if you don’t live in a francophone country, it may not be a problem. I like that this name acts as an alternative to the popular middle names such as Rain and Rae. Pronounced much like Roo, as in the character from Winnie the Pooh.

8. Finlow.

I know a Finlow, and can’t help but view it as a nice alternative to other Fin- names, such as Finley or Finnegan, which my friend tells me was exactly what his parents intended. The nearest names I can find is Philo, of Greek origin, meaning love.

9. Eleanoe.

A name in my own family tree, I can’t help but be thrilled by it more than Eleanor.  I’ve never found much on the name, so have always put it down as a variant spelling of Eleanor – the Alyvia of its time. Nowadays, much like them days, it’s likely to be constantly mistaken as Eleanor, although I will say that every Eleanor I know is an Ellie, so she always has that nickname option once the mistakes become tiring.

10. Shiloh.

Male or Female? Gender diputes aside, this name has a relaxed feel to it, and that appeals to the Type B in me. Of Hebrew origins, meaning his gift, or tranquil/peace. In the Old Testament, the name was used to refer to a person, understood to be the Messiah, according to certain translations.

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7 thoughts on “Weekend Post: 10 Best -O Names that aren’t really -O Names

  1. Bourneville

    Eleanoe is adorable, but you’re right, most people would just ‘correct’ you.


  2. Kendra

    Winslow…on a girl??! Wow.


  3. Faye Fairy

    You jumped the gun in terms of the name Monroe, practically unknown and unused until Miss Carey used it for her daughter.

    Munro is such a great boys name, though. I really hope the girls don’t steal it from us.

    As for Finlow, doesn’t Jeremy Clarkson have a son named Finlo? I feel sorry for his eldest, Emily. She got the plain name, and then her siblings got Finlo and Katya.


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  5. Kelsey

    I actually do know a preteen-aged Crow! And Rue is a character in The Hunger Games series, which could boost its popularity.


  6. I love Roscoe – actually Roscoe is the name of my brother’s dog, but like Rex, I would love to see Roscoe move from dogs to babies. I think Roscoe works on babies and grown-ups. I know I’m a little late, but I love this list.


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