The Beckham’s Baby

No, she has yet ot make an arrival, but rumours are starting to circulate that the baby shall be named Luna, the Spanish word for moon, Victoria herself is quoted as saying in 2004:

I love the word Luna. I know it’s a girl’s name – so maybe for the next baby.’

Reports are also circulating about the names Coco and Twiggy as well, the former after the designer, Coco Chanel, the latter after the model. However it is unlikely that she will use these names since both have now been bestowed upon family dogs, to quote a source of the Daily Mirror:

 ‘For years Victoria planned on calling her first girl Coco, after iconic French fashion designer, Coco Chanel. But after four boys, and a gap of almost six years after her last son, Cruz, she simply decided she would never be blessed with a daughter and decided to give the name to the couple’s female bulldog. The couple’s second choice was Twiggy but, again, when Victoria got a miniature Yorkshire terrier a few years ago, she decided to christen it this.’

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4 thoughts on “The Beckham’s Baby

  1. Ena

    Luna is really pretty name, shame she may not use it. As for Coco and Twiggy, the less said about them, the better! Awful names, rightly so being given to the family dogs!


  2. Kendra

    I agree with Ena, Coco and Twiggy are dogs names, Luna is a lovely name, on the other hand.


  3. Bigos

    I kind of like Coco – as a nickname for Cosette or Courtney.


  4. Alessi

    I love Romeo’s comment: ‘Can’t we just call her Justin Bieber Beckham?’ LOL


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