The Sweet Seraphine, Shai, Sterling and Seabrooke.

Seraphine was suggested by Ketty, Shai was suggested by Alessi, Sterling was suggested by Bourneville, Seabrooke was suggested by Bigos.


I’ve always preferred Seraphine to the ‘fuller’ Seraphina. Infact, Seraphine is the French form of Seraphina, with it orignally coming from the Latin name Seraphinus, itself derived from the biblical word seraphim, coming from Hebrew, meaning fiery one. The seraphi were an order of angels , described as having six wings by Isaiah.

Before Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner had their second daughter, Seraphina Rose Elizabeth, neither Seraphina nor Seraphine were really in the mainstream. However, the eagle-eyed will know that Nala of Lion King fame was the daughter of a lionness named Sarafina, another version of Seraphina. On another note, Simba’s mother is called Sarabi. There is also a 13th Century saint named Seraphina, who made clothes for the poor.

Shai (shy)

Shai, which I have heard is pronounced shy, however, I personally know a Shai, or rather, a Shai Leigh, who pronounces her name shay.

Means gift in Hebrew. Shai is also the concept of Fate in Egyptian mythology. Therefore you could use this name as a replacement for Karma or Destiny. Because the Egyptians saw Fate as being without specific gender (sometimes they called it male, sometimes female), you could use this as a genuinely unisex name.


This name has always intrigued me, it seems to me as a quirky way to honour a British heritage, since the British currency is called Pound Sterling.

And this name does indeed has origins in Great Britain, Scotland to be exact, where it derives from the city there Stirling. However, the origins are unknown. It could be in reference to the English word sterling, which means excellent, in which case the word comes from sterling silver, which was named so because of the emblem that some Norman coins bore, which came from the Old English and meant little star.


I have heard of this name, or perhaps surname is more accurate, when on a search  for an alternative name for Sebastian. This name fits the bill perfectly, since it’s a long S- name, with a prominent b sound.

His meaning is pretty obvious: Of Old English origins, meaning stream near the sea.

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4 thoughts on “The Sweet Seraphine, Shai, Sterling and Seabrooke.

  1. Bigos

    Wow, thanks for covering Seabrooke, you’re right, he would make a devilishly handsome alternative to Sebastian.


  2. Ketty

    I now love Seraphine even more, like you, I much prefer her to Seraphina.


  3. Alora

    Shai is a great name, I want to use it for my son.


  4. Jen B.

    Interesting names, Seraphine is my most favourite.


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