Sibset of the Week:The Jackson Family

Time for the second installement in our new frequent fixture, since I enjoyed writing the last one so much. This time we’re focusing on a family with more famous siblings than the last, although name-wise, better or worse? You decide.

Again, in age order:

– Maureen Reillette ‘Rebbie’

– Sigmund Esco ‘Jackie’

– Toriano Adaryll ‘Tito’

– Jermaine La Jaune

– La Toya Yvonne

– Marlon David

– Brandon

– Michael Joseph

– Steven Randall ‘Randy’

– Janet Damita Jo

It seems to me that the naming style mellowed out a bit with the arrival of the younger siblings. Which makes sense, since there is a 16 years gap between Baby #1 and Baby #10.

So, if there were to be a baby #11, what would you suggest? I would go for a male baby being a Damien, and the female being a Pamela. Why? Because they ‘feel’ right in this set, in my eyes.

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2 thoughts on “Sibset of the Week:The Jackson Family

  1. Maxxi

    Mateo and Patricia


  2. Ena

    I’m gonna go for some modern populars: Mackenzie and Addison


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