Weekend Post: Feminisations, for better or for worse?

Again, on Sunday  night I find myself without a fully prepared Names of the Week post, the tradional Mer de Noms weekend post. So, alas, let’s put it to one side until the coming week sometime. Which reminds me, I’m hosting a french exchange this week, so watch the posting count next week fall to zilch. Early apologies.

Let’s however turn to the discussion of this post. The idea first came to spark in my mind this morning, why is it that I dislike Joseph, but adore the female version: Josephine. Then there’s Bernard and Bernadette, I love the former, dislike the latter. I’m not sure quite why this is, but it forms the basis of this post. Below are a couple of polls, which do your prefer, the male or female form?

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3 thoughts on “Weekend Post: Feminisations, for better or for worse?

  1. Shilo

    I voted for: Philippa, George, Michael, Carole, Richard, Josephine and Bernard.

    It’s an interesting subject to being up, we always complain about cross-gendering, but sometimes, people just PREFER the male/female version of the name.


  2. Maxxi

    Fun! Like Shilo said, this sure is an interesting subject. My two cents would be that I adore Richard, but would never b ring myself to dub a daughter Richardine, it’s just not the same for me.


  3. Corale

    What an interesting topic!


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