Irish Name Week

As well as the Hungarian National Day this week, we also have St.Patrick’s Day, which is a national holiday in Ireland. Since we covered Patrick in the previous Hungarian post, let’s start on the 18th:

Fri – 18th

Conall. This name means strong wolf in Gaelic, coming from the Gaelic element , meaning wolf or hound.

Comyn. This name has Gaelic origins, and means shrewd. I would not be surprised if this name succeeds Aidan as the most popular Irish name.

Maodhóg. MEE-oag. From the name Máedóc, which is of Gaelic origins, and sources state the name means my dear.

Tómmán. TOE-mawn. This name means of Tuama.

Sat – 19th

Lachtín. LOCH-teen. This name means milk-coloured.

Sun – 20th

Aodhán. AY-awn. From the Old Irish name Áedán, which is where we get the popular name Aidan. The beginning part, Aodh, means fire.

Conan. This name comes from the Gaelic element , meaning wolf, hound. Ultimately, this name means little wolf, or little hound.

Mon – 21st

Éanna. Variant of Énna, a name that probably means bird-like.

Tue – 22nd

Fáilbhe. FAWL-vyeh. This name has two meanings, she could either mean wolf-slayer, or the less violent spritley. This is a masculine name.

Wed – 23rd

Fergus. From the Irish Fearghas, meaning man of vigour. It comes from the Gaelic elements fear, which means man, and gus, meaning vigour.

Mannix. Anglicised form of Mainchín, which means little monk, ultimately coming from the Irish word manach, meaning monk.

Ciannait. KEE- nat. Feminine form of Cian, which means ancient, coming from Celtic roots.

Thu – 24th

Lughaidh. LOO-ee. This name comes from the name of the Irish God, Lugh, which is possibly from the Indo-European element leuk, meaning light, or brightness.

Manchán. MON-chawn. Same origins as the above Mannix.

Mochta. MUCH-ta. This name quite simply means great.

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3 thoughts on “Irish Name Week

  1. Kiwi

    A lot of these names wouldn’t pass through the language barriers, nice they may be.


  2. Kota

    You’re right about Comyn, might even work for females.


  3. Shilo

    How interesting!


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