Sibset of the Week: The Pennimans

I’m trialling a new feature here. Give me your thoughts, I’m not sure whether or not I’m competant enough to keep it up, so some encouragement may be needed to keep going.

This week’s sibset is one I’ve always had some admiration for, the product of an American father and Lebanese Mother, it is the sibset of singer Mika, and breaks down as such (in vague order of age):



Michael Holbrook ‘Mika’

Fortuné (male)


– I can’t get over the genius of Fortuné for a lad, there are some really interesting picks here, for sure. Anyone wish to add an extra sibling? I’d go for another male being a Prosper, and another female being an Ophelia, peut-etre.

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5 thoughts on “Sibset of the Week: The Pennimans

  1. Mitzi

    I love the name Zuleika, and I also agree with your suggestion of Ophelia. She’d fit right in! The male names are a bit mismatched, so it’s hard to place a ‘naming-style’.

    I’d go for:
    Male – Antoine, didn’t they live in France, for like 10 years?
    Female – Athena


  2. Alessi

    Male – I think something with a feminine edge – Shiloh!
    Female – Anastasia, I would’ve said Ophelia, but you beat me to it! I’m majorly crushing on her at the mo. I think the female name would likely end with an a, like all the other girls. Choosing a male name was pretty difficult, the reasoning being explained by Mitzi above.


  3. Hana

    You’re right, these names are adorable together. I’m not sure what another male would be called, but Ophelia is a grand idea for another girl, and I would like to throw Araminta into the pot as well, you never know.


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