Hungarian Name Week

The 15th of March is a public holiday in Hungary, as it is their national day, in memory of the revolution in 1848. Let’s also celebrate here by seeing what names are included in this week’s name days in Hungary:

Tue – 15th

Kristóf. The Hungarian form of Christopher, which comes from Greek origin meaning bearing Christ.

Wed – 16th

Henrietta. One of the feminine forms of Henry, meaning home ruler, coming from Germanic roots of heim and ric, meaning home and power, ruler, respectively.

Thu – 17th

Patrik. The Hungarian form of Patrick, from Latin origins meaning nobleman. Adopted as a name by St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, whose birthname was actually Sucat.

Gertrúd. The Hungarian form of Gertrude, which, like Henry, comes from Germanic roots; this time they are ger ‘spear’ and þruþ ‘strenght’, collectively meaning spear of strenght.

Sat – 18th

Sándor. The Hungarian form of Alexander, a name which comes from Greek origins and means defending men. The Greek elements of the name are alexo, which means to defend, help, and aner, meaning man.

Ede. The Hungarian form of Ade, a short form of Germanic names beginning Ad-, coming from the Germanic element adal, meaning noble.

Sun – 19th

József. The Hungarian form of Joseph, which comes from Ioseph, the Latin form of the Greek name, which itself originally derives from the Hebrew name Yosef, meaning he will add.

Bánk. The only name on the list that is not a Hungarian form of another name. It comes from the name Bán, which is a name of ancient Hungarian origin. The Báns were assigned by the king to be county chiefs. This name therefore means governor of the border-lands.

Mon – 20th

Klaudia. The Hungarian feminine form of Claudius, a Roman family name, deriving from the Latin word claudus, meaning lame, crippled.

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2 thoughts on “Hungarian Name Week

  1. Beaver

    It’s a shame that the majority of these names aren’t ‘hungarian’ names per se, but hungarian forms of names.


  2. Bourneville

    Whilst all very interesting, I can’t see myself using any of these names. Maybe Claudia, but this spellling.


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