Weekend Post: Greta the Great, Willa the Wonderful

Since I’m away this weekend in London, I’m delaying the Names of the Week post ’til the early days of next week. Here instead is a sort of follow up to the Alice/ Edith post. Two more names that could be considered old-fashioned to everyone but the brave. Well, not so much so when we’re talking about Alice, but you get my gist. Willa was suggested by Kendra.

I’m a person who enjoys the little things, and I’m sure your little Greta will also glow when she realises her name is the anagram of great. But there are other reasons why you may choose to bestow the name onto your daughter.

She is a shortened version of popular Margaret, a name I’ve never really had any attachment to, but I love the meaning of the name, pearl. And that could be the key to Greta becoming a success. How many Margaret’s do you know who like their name? Do you like the name Margaret? Of all the Margaret’s I know, not a single one uses their name in full, they all use a nickname, since they do not like their full name. Margaret is good for nicknames, think Daisy, Peggy et al, although some work as full names, such as Daisy, some may not, e.g. Meggie.

Still not convinced? Greta has a couple of links with the natural world. She is the name of a river in Cumbria, but also a species of butterfly.

Our other name is Willa, obviously the feminine form of William, meaning will or desire, as it comes form the Germanic element wil, which means just that.

Why use Willa? She’s a quirky alternative to Willow, or maybe if you’re expected boy comes out as a girl, or family tradition dictates you name your first child after your favourite relative, who just so happens to be Grandpa Bill, but you don’t think Billie will fit in with your others choices. Now, let’s stop here, before I carried away with various scenarios.

Willa is not as much of a wildcard choice as you may think, but if you’re feeling brave, just go for it. You’ll undoubtfully never regret an action taken as much as an action not taken.

Good luck.

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5 thoughts on “Weekend Post: Greta the Great, Willa the Wonderful

  1. Bourneville

    Love Greta, still to be convinced by Willa.


  2. Shilo

    I’m one of those Margaret-haters, can’t stand the name, but Greta remains a viable other-option. As for Willa? Not loving it, to be honest. I adore Willow, nn Wiley, however.


  3. Kendra

    I actually like Willa. She has some style.


  4. Ena

    Willa = vague like
    Great = complete love


  5. Ada

    My mother is called Willa, but I would use Willow if I were to name a daughter after her.


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