Nice Names: Noa, Nadezhda and Nomeda

I like the letter ‘N’, but it’s not exactly common in general use. Can you name an animal which begins with a ‘n’?


I first considered Noah as a female name a few years ago, but discarded the idea not long after. Now I’m reconsidering, but this time, there is a difference, there’s no h. And that’s Ok, since Moa is a Swedish Feminine name, which isn’t too far removed. However, Moa is not related to Noa, she is instead a shortened form of the old Norse name Lillemor, coming from lille, which means small, and mor, meaning mother, so overall, Moa can mean little mother.

But back to Noa. She can be a Hebrew form of Noah, which means motion, however Noa can also come from Japanese, where no is a possessive article, and a, which means love /affection.

Nadezhda (nah-DYEZH-dah)

This name first came to me whilst exploring the origins of Ste.Nadège (pronounced as nah-DEZH, the g is silent), a French saint who was matyred in Rome alongside her sisters and mother, Vera, Liubbe, Sophia and Sonia, her name has origins in Nadezhda. There are other forms, as well as Nadège, names such as:

  • Nada, the Croatian form (as well as Serbian and Slovene)
  • Nagyezsda, the Hungarian form
  • Nadzieja, the Polish form. And the pronunciation? It’s nah-JAY-ah.

This name comes from Bulgaria and Russian. This name comes directly from Russian and quite simply means hope.

Up above, we mentioned Nada as the Croatian et al form of Nadezhda, what we failed to mention above was that Nada is also a short form of it, alongside Nadya. In recent Russian history, the most notable bearer is likely to bbe Josef Stalin’s first wife, Nadezhda Alliluyeva.

Nadezhda has several name days:

  • 17th September, in the Czech Rep. and Russia
  • 30th September, in Bulgaria
  • 23rd December, in Slovakia

Nomeda (noh-MEH-dah)

And where did Nomeda come into my life? I haven’t a dicky bird. She’s an interesting pick, for sure, even if her origins in my life are not so sure. This name has her origins in Eastern Europe, as well, in Lithuania to be exact.

She is composed of two Lithuanian elements, nuo and mede, the former element means from, and the latter means forest. Therefore, collectively, the meaning of the name Nomeda is forest inhabitant, or more literally, from forest, which is exactly what a forest inhabitant is. 

Like Nadezhda, she has a name day as well, but not as many, infact, only one: 20th January.

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7 thoughts on “Nice Names: Noa, Nadezhda and Nomeda

  1. Ena

    I like Noa, she’s just like my name, maybe a bit too close.


  2. Shilo

    Nadezdha is an interesting choice, I like this new layout of posts, when you look at the really unknown types of names. May I formally request you continue them?


  3. Alessi

    I second the above post!


  4. Shae

    This post covers some really interesting names, Noa is a quirky choice, well, so are the other two. My favourite is Noa, however. Nomena would lend itself to the cute nickname Mena, or even Meno, after the book by Plato. Meno. Meno. I quite like it, actually.


  5. PoppySeeds

    My favourite is Nomena, so soft and delicate.


  6. Cecily

    Out of the three, I like Noa the best, I;m not sure I have the right ethnic background to use Nadezhda.


  7. Bourneville

    None of them really light my fire, I guess Nomena is cute, but I don’t know about what I could shorten her too.


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