16 and Pregnant

This show does make for good name spotting, especially since it gives an insight into the naming trends of teens, who tend to be affected more by trendy names than most mums. There are the usual trendy names such as Nevaeh and Aidan, but oddly no Jaydens, although Jace turns up twice.  My favourite male and female names are probably Isaac Elliott and either Jocelyn Jade or Carolyn Elizabeth. As for the twin names, lets just say they’re too samey for me. I know a teen mum who gave birth to twin girls at 16, her babies are called Tiana and Taleah. Leah certainly seems to be up and coming, especially when we factor in elaborations such as the Aleeah below.

Baby Boys

– Aidan (Dec ’09)

– Austin Carter ()

– Bentley Cadence (Oct ’08)

– Blake (Jan ’10)

– Brody Ryan (Jan ’10)

– Isaac Elliott (Jan ’10)

– Jace Vahn (Aug ’09)

– Liam Allen (Feb ’10)

– Lyle Thomas (Nov ’09)

– Rylan Jace ()

– Weston Owen ()

Baby Girls

– Aliannah Hope and Aleeah Grace (Dec ’09)

– Aubree Skye ()

– Brooklyn Marie (Jan ’10)

– Callie (Jan ’10)

– Carolyn ‘Carly’ Elizabeth (‘May ’09)

– Destiny (Dec ’09)

– Genesis Alexia (Feb ’10)

– Jocelyn Jade (Apr ’09)

– Jordynn Amelia Marie (Dec ’09)

– Leah Leann (Nov ’08)

– Nevaeh Lynn (Sep ’09)

– Sophia Laurent (Feb ’09)

– Summer Jayde (Jan ’10)

– Za’Karia (Oct ’09)

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5 thoughts on “16 and Pregnant

  1. Ketty

    One of the reasons I watch this show – guilty as charged! Some of these names hurt my eyes, especially Za’Karia.


  2. Shilo

    The twin names are awful. Some of them are decent though, such as the ones you picked out. Isaac is a delightful name.


  3. Betsy

    Nevaeh, euh.


  4. Ena

    Some of these names are just shocking. I mean, Za’karia? Really?


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