Short, but Spunky

The downfall of some names is usually because people do not believe they are substantial enough to work, opting for longer names in which to shorten to get the shorter name. That got me thinking, what are some unusual four-letter girl names that have a lot of character, not necessarily in need of a longer version. Admittedly, some of the names on this list fall short (hehe) of the ‘being substantial’ part, such as Bess, but I think all these names have potential, and hey, Ella is the shortened version of Eleanor et al, but is more commonly used than Eleanor:

A is for Adva

B is for Bess

C is for Cyra

D is for Deja

E is for Emer

F is for Fion

G is for Gwen

H is for Hebe

I is for Isra

J is for Joss

K is for Kala

L is for Lumi

M is for Myra

N is for Nona

O is for Oona

P is for Pari or Peri

Q is for Quin

R is for Rita

S is for Suvi

T is for Tess

U is for Usoa

V is for Valo

W is for Wren

X is for Xeno

Y is for Yuki

Z is for Zuri

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