Not So Simple Simon

First we looked at Brooks. Now lets look at another male name that’s close to my heart. He’s Simon.

The most notable Simon is not TV’s Mr. Nasty, but Simon Peter, otherwise known as Saint Peter the Apostle; the first Pope of the Roman Catholic Church.

Why is Simon a name close to my heart? I suppose one of the reasons is because he is one of the more ‘normal’ picks of mine, giving a nice contrast to Phineas, and Rafferty.

Nowadays, Simon is coasting in the mid-200s at #263, popular by my standards. The point is, he’s been sitting comfortably in the 200s in the US Top 1000 now for over a decade, beginning in 1999 at #267. Before 1999, he sat in the 300s from 1979 to 1998, that’s just shy of 20 years.

I suppose the point I’m trying to make is that Simon has never been a Jason, Jennifer or Jayden, he’s never had a huge surge in popularity, so unlike the newborn Jayden’s of today, your Simon will never be identified with a particular generation.

In England, the name Simon was popular in the Middle Ages due to his Church credentials, he then died out in popularity during the Protestant Reformation. In England, this was when Henry VIII disowned the Church in Rome, establishing the Church of England, meaning that using the name of the first Pope of the Church in which your head of state just had a fall out with not a particularly good idea. Unless you remained a loyal Catholic.

And what does Simon actually mean? Like many biblical names, he comes from Hebrew, meaning God has heard.

Other notable Simons include:

  • The Simon above, Simon Amstell, a British presenter and comedian. He’s the picture at the top mostly because I love his curls.
  • Simon Cowell, AKA TV’s Mr. Nasty, a music executive when he’s not clogging up the nation’s TV with various ‘reality’ shows.
  • Simon Gallup, the bass player for The Cure
  • Simon Le Bon, lead singer of Duran Duran
  • Simon Pegg, one of the minds behind the Blood and Ice Cream series of films. He was Scotty in the recent Star Trek (2009) film.
  • One of The Chipmunks was a Simon

There’s also the children’s game, Simon Says. And the children’s rhyme, referenced in the title of this post, Simple Simon.

Overall then, Simon has several things going for him. There aren’t many who would spell it wrong, or ask you to repeat the name, since it’s not as unusual as, say, Soren. He strikes the right balance between unknown and over-exposure. Something important to many parents.

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One thought on “Not So Simple Simon

  1. Shilo

    I used to love playing Simon says! Maybe that was because I always won! 😉 Please put Brooks back up soon! And can I request a name? I’d love to hear about Lilo 😀


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