Baby Boy Brooks

I usually find myself writing a lot about female names, so, let’s combat this by looking at two male names that I’ve always had a fondness for.

First one up is Brooks.

Why do I love Brooks? It’s simple really. He’s my Jack replacement. Any frequent visitors may be aware of how I sacrificed my long-time favourite name of Jack to my younger brother over a decade ago. Ever since, I’ve been on the look out for a similar name. Short, but packs a punch. I’ve considered many: Miles, Jake, John, Reid, Flynn, Paul and BeauBrooks is the one that stuck for me. He doesn’t linger like Beau and Paul do.

This name comes from the English surname, which was given to those who lived near a stream or brook. Before widespread literacy, around the 14th Century, many spellings of this name were used, such as Broke, Brock and Brok. Brook originally comes from the Old English Broc, and in also found amongst Ashkenazi Jews, as it can also derive from the male Hebrew name Boruch, which means blessed.

There are more bearers of the surname Brooks, than the first name.

Two notable first-name bearers are:

  • Brooks Atkinson, American theatre critic
  • Brooks Robinson, American baseball player

In North America, there are also several places named Brooks, maybe one of them is special to you:

  • Brooks, Arkansas
  • Brooks, California
  • Brooks, Georgia
  • Brooks, Kentucky
  • Brooks, Maine
  • Brooks, Minnesota
  • Brooks, Oregon
  • Brooks Township, Michigan
  • Brooks, Wisconsin
  • Brooks, Alberta, Canada
  • The Brooks Range, mountain range, Alaska/Yukon 

Our final word? Your potential Brooks will also share his name with a late-season mango cultivator from South Florida. Oddly fitting if he appears after his due date.

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