Names of the Week: Zephyr and Euphrasie

This week, our Names of the Week are both of Greek origin. One is the name of a Greek God, the other, holds a particularly cheerful meaning in Greek. both names have not appeared in the US Top 1000 in the last 100 years.

Zephyr is the name of the Greek God of the west wind. He’s a quirky pick, who shares his name with a glacier in Antartica. Cool, huh?

Other people your little Zephyr would share his name with is the Grafitti Artist from New York (born Andrew), a character in the Hunchback of Notre Dame and the HMS Zephyr. 

Our other name is Euphrasie, which is the French version of Euphrasia, meaning good cheer in Greek.

For Euphrasie’s famous forebearers, the most notable one is the character Cosette, from Les Misérables, who was born a Euphrasie. A clever pick if you are a fan of the tale, but don’t want to appear as such.

In the natural world, Euphrasia is a type of flowering plant, sometimes known as Eyebright.

As for Saints, there is a Saint Euphrasia of Constantinople; she was a nun who was executed for her piety and charity. Her feast day is the 13th March.

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