Sassy Saskia

Saskia has never been in the Top 1000, but it is full of pros. Feminine, unusual, with a similar sound to popular Sophia, but at the same time it doesn’t make you look like you were trying too hard to be unique.

She may sound like a shortened form of Anastasia, or even Alessandra, much like Sasha is, but Saskia is not (but could be an unusual nickname choice for them anyway, even though it doesn’t shorten the name). She’s a name in her own right. She comes from the Germanic sachs, which is where we get Saxon from. The name ultimately means knife. Pretty feminine, huh?

The name’s meaning is sometimes said to be of Slavic origins, meaning protector of mankind, or even Danish, meaning valley of light, so the knife meaning, whilst the most plausible and accepted, could be ‘forgotten’, if you so wish.

Another plus for Saskia is that a member of royalty bears her name. Specifically, Princess Saskia of Hanover, although the Kingdom of Hanover no longer exists. She has connections to existing royal houses, though, Princess Saskia is the great-neice of Prince Charles, heir to the throne of Great Britain and her many states. Princess Saskia is 412th in line to the throne herself.

The wife of Rembrandt was also called Saskia, as are several athletes:

– Saskia Bartusiak, football

– Saskia de Jonge, swimmer

– Saskia Elemans, cyclist

– Saskia Kosterink, softball

– Saskia van Hintum, volleyball

There is no mention of a Saskia in Religious literature, which makes her suitable for a parent looking for a name not associated with religion.

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