Indie is a fresh-sounding name that has really been taking my fancy for the past few weeks.

Indie is most often used to describe independently produced films or music, despite being considered a subculture of music, it has a large following, and new artists are promoted by word-of-mouth more than adverts on the television. Personally, my music taste is rather eclectic – the shuffle on my iPod is deadly – but I’ve always found Indie music/ films to be a breath of fresh air from the usual commercial products we’re constantly told to buy.

As for using Indie as a name, at first I wasn’t so sure, since most people would just assume it was a nickname for India, a popular name in the UK. I can’t see the appeal of India, though, I knew an India in secondary school, and I always used to jokingly tease her that her elder brother was called Wales. He wasn’t, he was another Jack, but it means I can’t really use it myself, since I myself thought it was pretty daft naming your child after a country.

Another name that could have Indie as it’s nickname is the Indian name, Indira, which means beautiful. There’s also the male Indian name Indra, which means possessing raindrops. The latter is slightly harsh-sounding, but there is no denying the awesomeness of its meaning. The former, according to my India friend, is reasonably popular in the Indian community, which may put off parents who don’t feel adventurous enough to challenge the culture-barrier. I’m also told Disney has a show called How To Be Indie, based on a girl called Indira, currently airing. Non of my tween contacts seem to rate it much, so it may not be around for much longer.

Indie does fell a bit too cutesy and short to be a full name for me. I should know, I’m a Lucy who hated the shortness of her name, especially paired with my equally short middle name. But, as I now reason to myself, I adore Marie, specifically the uber-french combination Marie-Raphaelle, could a short first be compensated by a long middle? I think so, nowadays, I always lie about my middle name being either Emmeline or Elizabeth, depending on my mood, so pairing Indie with a long middle could be the answer, if, like me, you can’t love any of the names you could derive Indie from as a nickname.

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3 thoughts on “Indie

  1. Red

    Indie is a nice name, but I would prefer it as a nickname for Indira or India.


  2. Beaver

    She’s a bold choice, that’s fo’ sure.


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