Being Bruno

Asa Butterfield as Bruno in the film, The Boy in Striped Pyjamas, from


Bruno is popular in a variety of languages: German, Italian, Spanish, French, Brazilian and English. Don’t believe me? Bruno Toniolli is Italian. Bruno Bauer was a German philosopher, there is a Spanish footballer called Bruno and Bruno Gutzeit was a French Butterfly swimmer.

This appeal to multiple ethnicities is a bonus for Bruno. Say, if you’re of French descent, with a husband of Italian/ German. You therefore have French, Italian and German family members, and you chose Angela for your firstborn, it was only after the paperwork was finished you realised your mistake. The German family members will say AHNG-ge-lah, the Italians will opt for AHN-je-lah and the French will go with AHN-jil-lah. She’s now known by her middle name: Chloe. Choosing Bruno for your next child avoids this issue.

Bruno also sits comfortably in the position of being recognisable, but not overly popular, since he is currently #891 in the USA (2009).

As for it’s origins, it derives from the Germanic word brun, meaning brown.

In the world of cinema, there was the 2009 Sacha Baron Cohen movie, Bruno, and the main character of the Boy in the Stripped Pyjamas.

The feminine version of the name in Bruna, and if you’re surname ends in an ‘o’ sound, such as Harlow, Bruno may be veteoed from your list. However, take time to consider the alternative Brunel. It was the surname of Victorian engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel, who has been voted the UK’s most influencial man.

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