Mika (and his plastic bag)

He’s short, but he packs a punch. This name has several different origins, from Japanese to Finnish, male and female. Mika as it stands is the Finnish short form for Mikael, and was the name of successful F1 driver Mika Häkkinen. It is also a female Japanese name meaning beautiful fragrance.

Mika could also be an alternate spelling for the biblical Micah, which itself comes from Micaiah. Micah was a minor prophet in the Old Testament, ultimately the name Micaiah means who is like God, and is where we get the more popular name Michael.

The singer Mika, is actually a Michael, who was nicknamed Mica by his mother, and then altered the spelling to avoid pronunciation issues. When asked by Paul O’Grady about his name, he stated his name (Mica) means plastic bag in Morroccan. Mica is also the name of a silverly kind of mineral.

The name, for me, didn’t really grasp my fancy a few years ago. Too synonymous with the singer, not in line with my once old-timey picks, and then I feel in love with more youthful names, and came up with the combination Mika Jasper, which now sits at #4 on my favourite boys list.

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