The Tale of Mackenzie Smith

The year is 1990, you are holding your newborn baby girl, and after nine months of arguing with your partner, you finally agree on a name. That name is Mackenzie. MacKenzie Smith. No middle names, because that would complicate things, and you’ve never used yours anyway.

She grows, she enters school, success! She is the only MacKenzie in her class. She makes friends, and in her friendship group there are two Hannah’s and three Lauren’s. Hannah P, Hannah M, Lauren S, Lauren K and Lauren V. She passes all her exams, and leaves school, MacKenzie then opts to go to University, and you are supportive of her. Whilst there she meets the love of her life, Alistair. Within three years, they exchange rings. Wanting to honour their marriage, MacKenzie decides to switch to Alistair’s surname. She does, and she becomes MacKenzie MacKenzie.

It could happen.

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