Names of the Week: Harry and Ruby

This week, we take a look at another two of the UK’s favourite names. One’s a nickname that’s overtaken it’s original form in popularity, the other, a jewel name that’s been rising in popularity for the last few years.

Our male name, is Harry, which was originally a nickname for Henry, a name meaning home ruler. It has also seen use as a nickname for Harold as well. This name’s popularity took off in the UK around the same time as J.K.Rowling’s books, Harry Potter. In 2000, the name moved up 8 places to #6, breaking the UK top 10, where its stayed ever since. What makes the name so appealing is its fresh, youthful appeal, and who doesn’t want to stay youthful for all their life?

Meanwhile, whilst Harry has been riding on a popularity high for the past decade, back in 2000, Ruby only ranked at #77 in the UK. Nowadays, it’s slightly higher at #2 for girls.

In the US, however Harry currently ranks behind Henry at just #649 compared to Henry‘s rank of 71, whilst Ruby is just short of breaking the top 100 at #108.

The name Ruby itself is the name of a precious red stone, which is the birthstone of July.

Famous Ruby’s include Ruby Wax, who is a comedienne. Other well-known Harry’s in the UK include magician Harry Houdini and member of the currently popular boyband One Direction, Harry Styles.

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