Decade Snapshot 1960s/A-Z

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And here is the latest in our top-names-for-each-letter-for-the-beginning-year-of-each-decade series of posts. I really need to come up with a snappier title. I shall make it an aim of the week.

A – Anthony and Angela

B – Brian and Barbara

C – Charles and Cynthia

D – David and Donna

E – Edward and Elizabeth

F – Frank and Frances

G – Gary and Gloria

H – Henry and Helen

I – Ira and Irene

J – James and Julie

K – Kevin and Karen

L – Larry and Linda

M – Michael and Mary

N – Norman and Nancy

O – Oscar and Olga

P – Paul and Patricia

Q – Quintin and –

R – Robert and Robin

S – Steven and Susan

T – Thomas and Teresa

U – Unknown and Ursula

V – Vincent and Valerie

W – William and Wendy

X – Xavier and –

Y – Yancy and Yvonne

Z – Zachary and Zelda

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