Baby Names X Factor

Yesterday, it was decided who would go through to the live finals of X Factors seventh series, this was based on their singer ability. However, if it was based on the quality of their name, who would’ve been put through?


KARL Brown


TOM Richards

PAIJE Richardson

JOHN Wilding

MATT Cardle


AIDEN Grimshaw

The Three Finalists, based on names:

Nicolo Festa: The ‘o’ suffix is currently riding the trend wave. Nicolo has a lot of character to it.

Marlon McKenzie: Proof that to be unusual does not necessarily dictate that one has to stick random letters into a perfectly normal name.

John Wilding: We all know a John. Chance are, though, he’s unlikely to be 3.

Who actually got through:

Matt Cardle, Aiden Grimshaw and Nicolo Festa


KERI Arrindell



GAMU Nhengu


REBECCA Ferguson

CHER Lloyd

KATIE Waissel

The Three Finalists, based on their name:

Raquel Thomas: Raquel is a quirky alternative to Rachel.

Gamu Nhengu: I chose this one because it highlights how, although certain names won’t transfer well outside their culture, they certainly suit the people in that particular culture. It’s also not a ‘scary’ foreign name, one that seems impossible to pronounce correctly on your first go, for example, Thijs (Tice).

Annastasia Baker: Russian names are ones that I’ve been drawn to for awhile now, and I suspect they may be getting more attention over the next few year. This shows names from different cultures can transfer to your own, Annastasia most certainly looks good with the surname Baker.

Who actually got through:

Rebecca Ferguson, Cher Lloyd and Katie Waissel


Twem: MEDHI and SAMIR Ben Nouh

Belle Amie: REBECCA (Creighton), ESTHER (Campbell), GENEVA (Lane) and SOPHIA (Wardman)

1 Direction: LIAM (Payne), LOUIS (Tomlinson), NIALL (Horan), HARRY (Styles) and ZAIN (Malik)

Husstle: JESSICA (Kozi), CAROL (Mounsey), STACEY (Camps), ALANA (Mags) and SAM (Grierson)

Princes & Rogues: CAMERON (Neilson), ASHLEY (Emerson), DAVID (Hodgson), JONNY (Lloyd) and DEREK (Clougher)

The Reason: MARC (Higgins), NATHAN (Rawlings), GLEN (Vine) and SCOTT (White)

Diva Fever: JOSEF (Al-Smadi) and CRAIG (Saggers)

F.Y.D.: MATT (Newton), JORDAN (Gabriel), KALVIN (LaMey), RYANLEE(Seager) and ALEX(Murdoch)

The Three Finalists, based on how well the names of the members of the groups go together:

Belle Amie: Rebecca, Esther, Geneva and Sophia. Pretty, without being overly pretentious.

Twem: Medhi and Samir compliment one another well.

Princes & Rogues: Chosen because both Cameron and Ashley are on the right gender.

Who actually got through:

Belle Amie, F.Y.D. and One Direction.


– WAGNER Fiuza-Carrilho

– STEPHEN Hunter

– JUSTIN Vanderhyde

– YULI Minguel

– ELESHA Moses

– JOHN Adeleye

– MARY Byrne


The Three Finalists, based on their name:

Elesha Moses: This one stands out to me. Elesha is an interesting take on the name Elisha.

Mary Byrne: Mary is an all-time classic.

Stephen Hunter: This spelling of Stephen is the one I personally find myself preferring. His name is understated, but perfectly good.

Who actually got through:

Mary Byrne, John Adeleye and Storm Lee

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