Surnames as First Names

Currently, there is a naming trend in which female (and male) babies are being given surnames as first names. It won’t be long before a nursery near you will be full of Sawyers and Harpers. But, here are some names you perhaps didn’t realise are also surnames:

Carey. An irish name meaning dark, black that peaked in the 70s and 80s, and hasn’t been in the top 1000 for almost a decade now.

Notable bearers:

Mariah Carey, Singer

Henry Carey, alleged composer of ‘ God Save the King/ Queen’.

Miley. The popularity of Miley Cyrus means that many naming websites list this name as a modern invented name, when infact it is also a surname for some.

Notable bearers:

Hannah Miley, British Swimmer. She holds several European, Commonwealth and British records.

Dave Miley, former baseball player and manager.

Lindsay. This name could be credited as one of the early surname as first name, whos peak in the 80s means nowadays many people think of Lindsay as a first name, rather than a surname as it originally was.

Notable bearers:

Sir Harry Lindsay, British Civil Servant

Reg Lindsay, Australian Country Singer

Lucy. Comes from the Latin word lux, meaning light.

Notable Bearers:

Tom Lucy, British Rower

Charles Lucy, Painter

Honey. From the name of the liquid produced by bees.

Notable Bearers:

Tyger Drew-Honey, Child Actor in popular sitcom ‘ Outnumbered’ (Real name: Lindzi James Tyger Drew-Honey)

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