In Sherlock’s Shadow

Recently on the BBC, they’ve been showing yet another version of Sherlock Holmes. This time in the present day, and this time, they’ve done it remarkably well. So well, infact, that there are rumours that the BBC want to expand it from a miniseries to a full-blown series.

Now, whilst watching the show, I once again was reminded that the name Sherlock will always be associated with Mr Holmes, thus making it a name choice for only the most daring parents. However, look closer into the stories of Sherlock Holmes, and we discover many other interesting names:

Mycroft Holmes. Sherlock’s elder brother.

Henry, Charles and Hugo Baskerville. Appeared in the novel ‘ The Hound of the Baskervilles’. Would make a superb sib-set.

Tobias Gregson. ‘ A Study in Scarlet’

Enoch Drebber. The dead man in ‘ A Study in Scarlet’. Was also the name of a British PM. Pronounced ‘E-knock’

Jefferson Hope. A character in ‘ A Study in Scarlet’

Jabez Wilson. Pawnbroker in ‘ The Red-Headed League’

Hosmer Angel. Missing man in ‘ A Case of Identity’

Elias Openshaw. Mentioned in ‘ The Five Orange Pips’

Victor Hatherley. Mentioned in ‘ The Engineer’s Thumb’

Lysander Stark. Character in ‘ The Engineer’s Thumb’

Jephro Rucastle. Character in ‘ The Copper Beeches’

Clotilde Lothman. Scandinavian princess mentioned in ‘ A Scandal in Bohemia’

Hatty Doran. Character in ‘ The Noble Bachelor’

Effie Munro. Charactet in ‘ The Yellow Face’

Nancy Barclay. Character in ‘ The Crooked Man’

Irene Adler. Character in ‘ A Scandal in Bohemia’. My personal preference is for the three-syllable pronunciation – I-ray-nah, rather than I-reen.

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