Just Henry

This past week I have steadily worked my way through the young adult section of my local library. I’ve always preferred young adult to adult for several reasons. 1.) It appeals to my childish tendencies and 2) Authors in this genre tend to be more creative. But, does that translate into creative name choices? Here are the names of characters in books I’ve recently read:

Just Henry by Michelle Magorian, this book is set in 1949/1950. I’ve put the approx. age and year of birth next to the character.

Henry, 15

Grace, 15

Roger, 15. Known throughout the book as Jeffries, his surname.

Edward ‘Pip’, 15

William ‘Bill’, father of Laurence and Molly. Stepfather of Henry.

Laurence, Newborn in 1950, half brother to Henry, brother to Molly.

Molly, 2, half-sister to Henry, sister to Laurence.

Max and Oscar, adult sons of Mrs Beaumont

Jane and Margaret, girls from Henry’s school.

My favourite named character: Henry.

Least favourite name: Roger. I can see why he went by Jeffries.

Best sibset: Max and Oscar.

The Medusa Project: The Set Up by Sophie McKenzie. This book is set in England.

Nico (On the official medusa site, his name is listed as Nicolo, although this is never used in the book). His mother was Italian and called Lucia.

Ketty (Ditto the above, her name is Keturah Alice May). Brother called Lex, which is short for Alexander.

Ed. He has an irish background. Full name is Edward Neill O’Brien and has two half sisters called Amy and Kimberly.

Dylan (This Dylan is american and female. Her middle name is Ashleigh). Her father is William, mother is Nancy (both deceased) and her uncle is Fergus.

Fergus. It is suggested that Fergus grew up in Scotland. He is the stepfather of Nico, brother of William and uncle of Dylan.

My favourite named character: Nico

Least favourite name: Dylan. 

Best sibset: Ketty and Lex.

– There is a lack of siblings in this book due to the mothers of Ed, Ketty, Nico and Dylan all dying not longer after their births due to the ‘Medusa’ gene.

Frozen in Time by Ali Sparkes

Benedict ‘Ben’, modern-day child

Rachel, modern-day child

Frederick ‘Freddy’, 1950s child

Pauline ‘Polly’, 1950s child

Jerome, uncle of Ben and Rachel. Somehow related to Freddy and Polly.

Annabel, half sister of Jerome, mother of Ben and Rachel.

My favourite named character: Jerome.

Least favourite named character: Rachel. Although to be honest out of the character above, they all have nice names. Rachel is just the one I like the least.

Best sibset: Freddy and Polly.

Witch and Wizard by James Patterson. Set in the future.

Whitford ‘Whit’, brother of Wisty

Wisty ‘Wisteria’, sister of Whit (Note here how Patterson fell into the trap of giving the main characters similar names)


Celia, dead girlfriend of Whit

Sasha, this character is male. I assumed he was of Russian ancestry, but this was neither confirmed nor denied.


My favourite named character: Sasha.

Least favourite named character: Wisteria. Close to the word Hysteria.

There is only one mentioned sibset in this story.

Broken Soup by Jenny Valentine

Rowan, occasionally nicknamed ‘Ro’. Sister of Jack and Stroma.

Stroma, in the book it states this is the name of a Scottish Isle. Stroma is a ‘surprise’ child, being roughly 10 years younger than siblings Jack and Rowan. I kept reading this name as Storma.

Jack, Elder brother of Rowan and Stroma. Died 2 years before events of the book.

Bee, never mentioned if this name is short for anything.

Sonny, SPOILER. Bee and Jack’s young son, born after Jack’s death.

Harper, american male.

My favourite named character: Harper.

Least favourite named character: Sonny.

Best sibset (for the majority of the novel, it’s assumed Sonny and Bee are siblings): Jack, Rowan and Stroma.

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