The Bottom of the Pile

Here’s the girls version:

991. Alannah. Alana, Amira and Aliyah are all rising, as will this name.

991. Amiah. Same as above.

991. Cambria. Sounds too much like Cumbria to me, and that region will be linked to the recent shooting for a few years to come.

991. Samiyah. A made-up name, it could gain popularity, it could equally fall back into the relative unknown.

991. Valery. Alternate spelling of Valerie.

996. Gretchen. This name sounds a bit too harsh too gain any type of popularity.

996. Karli. Carly is popular, so this name could rise. 

996. Kloe. The spelling Khloe rose 101 places in 2009, and so this name is likely to rise too. 

996. Lilyanna. This embellishment of Lily seems a bit fussy.

996. Mireya. An actual name. It is a variant of Mira.

The names I think will most likely rise: Alannah and Kloe

The names I think will most like not catch on: Cambria and Gretchen

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