The Bottom of the Pile

We’ve all talked about the top names of the top 1000 US names list, but what about the bottom names?

991. Chaz. A nickname of Charles, famously the name of Chuckie from Rugrats’ Dad. Charles is making a comeback, and nicknames are popular, so this name could rise further.

991. Fredrick. An alternate spelling of Frederick.

991. Ronaldo. The Portuguese footballer (soccer player) could have helped boost this name.

994. Stone. Nature names are popular for girls, and this seems to have rubbed off onto boys as well.

994. Trevin. An alternative of Trevor perhaps?

994. Tyshawn. Sean and Shawn are both popular, so this could be about to rise too.

997. Amos. The only instance I have heard this name is in Harrpy Potter.

997. Cassius. I really like this name, perhaps thanks to the brilliant song of the same name by the Foals.

997. Eliezer. Sounds like the female name Eliza.

997. Mustafa. Simba’s father.

Names I think will most likely rise: Fredrick and Cassius

Names I think will most like not catch on: Stone and Eliezer

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