Flower Power

Currently, Lily ranks #18 in the name charts, and has been sitting high up in the list for a few years. Does this mean that we’ll soon begin to see a rise in popularity for floral names, as parents look for alternatives?

Ivy. #320. It has climbed in recent years. Perhaps due to the popularity of Lily. It was once considered outdated, but that stigma appears to has all but died out.

Violet. #141. Recently started a climb up the name charts. Like Ivy, was once considered to be an ‘old-ladies’ name. It’s recent climb hints that parents no longer think so.

Laurel. This name does not rank, but both Laura (#235) and Lauren (#46) do. That puts this name in a good place for a comeback.

Flora. The name does not rank. But it could soon. Like Lily, it is a gently old-fashioned floral name, due for a comeback.

Rose. As a middle name, it ranks amongst the most popular. But what about as a first name? It ranks #352. This name would sound fresh as a first name, compared to sounding like a worn-out middle.

Fleur. French for flower. Does not rank. Has a nice sound to it. May be ridiculed in french-speaking areas though.

Flower. Name of the skunk in Bambi. Has never been popular.

Cassia. Cinnamon bark is obtained from a Cassia tree. This name has never been popular like its alternatives Cassandra (#327) and the recently popular Cassidy (#244). One could therefore assume it is well-placed to follow Cassidy up the name charts.

Acacia. The Acacia shrub symbolises immortality and resurrection, thus would suit an Easter baby well. This name has never been popular.

Primrose. A name that was popular in quaint english novels. Rarely seen in real life.

Poppy. This name does not rank. Was once popular, but has yet to have a comeback. Suitable for a baby born on Remembrance Day.

Daisy. #153. This name sounds as dainty as the flower. The name has also been popular for several years, although it has neither risen rapidly or fallen rapidly.

Petal. The name of a part of a plant. Used more as a nickname than as a first name.

Blossom. Has been considered dated for a few years, much like Flora. So it could be ready for a comeback too.

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