The Non-Movers

So, we’ve looked at the biggest fallers and risers, now time to look at which names in the Top 100 US Name Chart didn’t move at all.

Jacob #1. The Twilight effect may have kept this name in the top spot.

David #14. Everyone knows a Dave, and now we know why.

Christian #23.

Samuel #27.

Tyler #28.

Ava #5

Abigail #8

Addison #12. Moved up quickly in recent years, and seems to be staying.

Taylor #22. Long-standing male name for females.

Hailey #25.

Nevaeh #34. One of the most controversial names this decade.

Sofia #36. Unlike Sophia, this name hasn’t risen.

Interesting how all the non-movers are in the top 50. The female list doesn’t outnumber the male list by as many this time either.

It’s also interesting to note how the top 3 A girl names all didn’t move. It could be a sign of a coming trend of ‘A’ names.

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