London Telegraph Birth Announcements

Here is a delightful selection of baby names posted in the London Telegraphs Birth Announcements:

Iris Autumn Cerys

Ariana Talisker Elizabeth

Jemima Patricia Antoinette

Esme Rhiannon

Charlotte Maeve

Calypso Angelica

Jemima Beatrice Josephine

Beatrice Erica Nancy

Martha Grace Rosanna

Florence May

Martha Clementine

Beatrix Minnie Elizabeth

Iris Patricia Lovell

Popular Names: Martha, Beatrice and Patricia

My Favourite Name: Beatrix Minnie Elizabeth

Monty George Levell

Hector Jack

Ivo Christopher Diarmid

Byron Morley

Edmund Tillan Camac

Toby John Neville

Sebastian Aloysius Strickland

Benedict Ralph Oliver

Alfie Mark Newton

Toby Sebastian

Henry William Noel

Peter Jerome

Rory Benedict

Rory Jack

Archie Capewell

Popular Names: Rory, Toby and Jack

My Favourite Name: Hector Jack

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