High Risers

Time for a look at the high risers on 2009’s top 100 names in the US.

The following names climbed by 10 places or more.

Liam +26 #49. Big Brother William has always been popular (currently #5), so parents may be opting for the supposidly less popular name Liam. This is Liam’s first year in the top 50. Actor Liam Neeson has also been credited with helping along Liam’s popularity, thanks to his own.

Carter +15 #50. Surnames are trendy at the moment, so this could explain Carter’s big leap.

Dominic +12 #81. Popular in England a few years ago, which could have rubbed off onto American parents.

Levi +28 #88. Biblical boys names such as this and Eli are becoming the next big thing.

Oliver +20 #98. Oliver is #2 in England, and has been consistently popular for several years. The feminine version Olivia is currently one of the top female names in the US, which could have helped to boost Oliver’s profile.

Leah +12 #28. This name oozes soft, delicate sounds, a bonus. Has been gathering a following for a few years.

Brooklyn +10 #37. This name has become wildly popular for girls, when in the 90s it was considered more of a boys name. Currently, parents are giving their girls male names such as Alexis and Carter.

Evelyn +15 #39. Soft and feminine. Hugely popular in the start of the 20th Century, clearly making a comeback.

Peyton +17 #43. Like Brooklyn, this name was once masculine. Has been in the spotlight since the series Peyton Place.

Layla +10 #45. It’s huge surge in popularity could be due to its popular sister Kayla.

Zoe +11 #47. In the last 15 years, Zoe has climbed 450 places, showing this name has been on the rise for a long time. Sister Zoey has also been climbing quickly.

Arianna +14 #52. Could been seen as a more exotic choice.

Amelia +13 #55. #9 in the UK, the popularity seems to be spreading.

Bella +64 #58 . One word. Twilight.

Maya +10 #62. This name has a bohemian feel to it, that seems to be helping it to receive much popularity.

Aaliyah +13 #63. Was obscure before the singer, now very much popular, and parents are also opting for variant spellings, such as Alia and Aleeah.

Sophie +10 #65. Parents could be choosing this name as an alternative to it’s popular sister Sophia. Interestingly, Sophie is the more popular sister in the UK (#7) compared to Sophia (#39). Both fell in the UK last year though.

Charlotte +19 #68. An elegant royal name that has many famous forebearers such as Charlotte Bronte.

Zoey +23 #75. See Zoe. Interesting how both spellings have climbed, but this one has twice as much. Perhaps thanks to the show Zoey 101, which came into the spotlight of many when the show’s starlet Jamie Lynn Spears announced she was to become a teen mum.

Gianna +10 #76. Has long been popular in Italy, now garnering popularity elsewhere.

Faith +10 #80. No doubt following in Grace’s footsteps.

Genesis +12 #83. This name surprised me, no doubt used by deeply Christian parents as asign of their faith.

Molly +12 #92. Has fallen slightly recently, perhaps this is a sign that it is starting to rise once more?

Serenity +17 #94. Another virtue name on the climb.

Khloe +101 #95. No doubt Khloe Kardashian has had some influence on the name’s popularity.

Eva +15 #99. Sister to the more popular Ava, and Evelyn. Piggy-backing on their success maybe?

It’s interesting to note how the female list is considerably longer.

Biggest male climber: Levi (+28)

Biggest female climber: Khloe (+101)

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