Elizabeth and friends

Elizabeth is a popular, traditional name. But what if you want to use Elizabeth, but you’re not keen on using a popular name? Here are some alternatives for you:

Names that start ‘El-‘

Eleanor. #218 in 2009. Close to the popular names Ella and Ellie, so this name has become the name of choice for those not wishing to use either of those names, but like them as a nickname. This name means bright, shining one.

Elena. An alternate spelling of Eleanor. Likely to have a better chance of rising, seeing as many people favour the unconventional spellings at the moment. It’s the spanish version of Helen. # 195 in 2009.

Elaine. French variation of Helen. # 767 in 2009. The alternate spelling Elaina is much more ‘in’ right now (#462).

Elora. Variation of Eliora.

Eliora. Means ‘ the Lord is my Light’. Melodic in sound, due to abundance of vowels. Does not rank.

Elise. Means ‘pledged to God’. Also a variation of Elizabeth. #211 in 2009. Alternate spelling Elyse is also climbing the name charts.

Eloisa/Eloise/ Heloise. Means healthy/wide. # 917 in 2009. Popular for French girls.

Eliza. Means ‘pledged to God’. Variation of Elizabeth. #278 in 2009.

Elsie. Popular back at the start of the 20th century. Thus, if we remember names have a 100-year cycle, this name is due to come back into fashion. Currently #679. Another variation of Elizabeth, via it’s scottish form of Elspeth.

Elle. French for ‘she’. In 2009 rose to #442 from #493

Other ‘E’ names

Emily. Means ‘energetic’. #6 in 2006, used to be #1, so this name is at risk of dropping further over the coming years.

Evangeline. Greek origin. Means ‘ bearer of good news’. #429 in 2009. Lends itself well to the nicknames Ava and Eva, both popular names.

Evelyn. English name that means ‘desired’. #39 in 2009 (was #12 in the 1920s). This name has jumped 15 places to breach the top 40 for the first time since 1939.

Emma. #2 in 2009. This name has almost ‘piggy-backed’ on the popularity of Emily. Is of German origins and means ‘ Healer of the universe’.

Emmeline. This name has German origins, and means ‘Industrious’.

Traditional nicknames of Elizabeth

Beth/ Bethan/ Bethany. Bethan is a Welsh diminuative of Elizabeth. Bethany is the only name out of these in the top 1000 – #342. It has hebrew origins that means ‘House of Figs’

Lily/ Lilibet. Lily is popular at #18, Lilibet is less well-known. Queen Elizabeth II was know by the moniker Lilibet in her youth, so this name has royal connections.

Lisa. Popular in the late sixties and early seventies. #686 in 2009, so has fallenn since then.

Zabe/Sadie/Sally. Sadie and Sally are diminuatives of Sarah, thus both mean ‘Princess’. Sadie was #111 in 2009, and neither Sally nor Zabe made it into the top 1000.

Bets. Used by Enid Blyton in her books about the Five Find-Outer and Dog.

Betsy. Diminuative of Elizabeth.

Bess/ Bessie. Similar sounding to the diminuative of the popular Jessica Jessie. So this name could soon become popular too.

Buffy. Popularised by the Joss Whedon show, Buff the Vampire Slayer.

Other related names:

Victoria. Elizabeth was the name of a well-known and respected Queen, as was Victoria.

Other international versions of Elizabeth

Eilish. Irish version of Elizabeth. Also seen altered to Eilisha and as the original Gaelic spelling Eilis.

Elisabetta. Italian version of Elizabeth.

Elisabeti. Old Salvic version of Elizabeth.

Eliisabet. Estonian version of Elizabeth.

Elikapeka. Hawaiian version of Elizabeth.

Elisabet. Scandanavian and Finnish version of Elizabeth.

Élisabeth. French version of Elizabeth.

Elisavet. Greek version of Elizabeth.

Elisavetta. Bulgarian version of Elizabeth.

Elisabette. Portuguese version of Elizabeth.

Elisabeth. German version of Elizabeth.

Elizabeta. Slovene and Croatian version of Elizabeth.

Elisheba. Biblical version of Elizabeth.

Elixabete. Basque version of Elizabeth.

Eliso. Georgian version of Elizabeth.

Erzsébet. Hungarian version of Elizabeth.

Ealasaid. Scottish version of Elizabeth.

Elisheva. Hebrew version of Elizabeth.

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