Future Name Trends

Ok, so this decade has been defined by certain name trends:

Aiden and family

Yes. It is the sudden prevalence of names such as Jayden, Cayden and Treydon.

– Surnames as first names

We began to see names such as Addison cropping up for both males and females.

– YOO-neek Spellings

No longer are spellings such as Michaela good enough for new parents, no, it’s spellings such as Mikayla that are all the rage.


So with all that in mind. What new naming trends will pop up in the next few years. One thing many people are tipping for are the comebacks of many ‘old’ names, such as Mary and John. They’re poised to make a comeback as the names shake off their old-people only categorisation.

Another trend that has started to be seen used for celeb-babies (thus no doubt that the humble public will follow) is that of old classical names inspired by the likes of Greek Philosophers and so forth. That means that if you don’t think Alexander is quite suited for your child, perhaps you should consider ‘Aristotle’ instead?

People no longer really see Spain and Italy as foreign enough sources for their baby names. Once upon a time, people looking for alternatives to names such as Alexandra need look no futher than the italian alternate – Alessandra. Now, people are stretching their imaginations and looking more towards cultures such as the african tribes and the native americans. Thus, should you decided Sarah is not right for your baby, you may decided the ‘Zuri’, a Swahillian name meaning ‘beautiful’, may work as a better alternative than ‘Sara’. ‘Zara’ is also looking good for a rise in popularity.

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